The organ donation process is a series of complex events coordinated by MSW/ Transplant Coordinator, medical professionals ZTCC Pune, hospitals, police, state level & national level authority. Human Organs Transplantation Act of 1994 (HOTA) was introduced to legalize the brain stem death and organ donation process. This act ensures the process is carried out in a fair and efficient way, leading to equitable distribution of donated organs. National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO)  is a National level organization set up under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, NOTTO is an apex center for All India activities and coordination of organ donation ZTCC Pune is zonal Transplant coordination center who manages all activities and coordination of organ donation in Pune zone.

Steps in the process are as follows:

  1. Donor Identification by the Hospital

ICU team / Doctors at a hospital identify a potential candidate for donation. The nature of the injury leads a physician to determine if the patient is suspected brain dead or not. Two apnea test is a mandatory for declaring brain stem death.

  1. Donor Evaluation

On the basis of the patient’s medical status, doctors and MSW/ Transplant Coordinators do the evaluation. The evaluation includes a medical and social history and physical examination of the patient. This determines whether or not the patient is a suitable candidate for donation.

  1. Donor Maintenance & Consent for Organ Donation

If the patient is suitable for organ and tissue donation, after disclosure, at an appropriate time the legal next-of-kin is approached by the Medical Social Worker with the opportunity of donation, after the counselling and clearing all doubts of the family, the legal next-of-kin signs a donor consent form. The family must give their consent in order for the donation process to proceed. During all this process Intensivist and team maintain the patient medically (Donor Maintenance).  

  1. Organs allocation by ZTC Pune

Information on the organs available for donation, Donor Protocol and all medical investigations provided to ZTCC Pune by hospital coordinator, Central coordinators of ZTCC Pune find out potential recipients from City waiting list. Recipient selection is based on blood type, medical urgency and length of time on the waiting list and allocation guideline. Recipient hospital doctors and patients are responsible for making the decision whether to accept the organ or not. If the surgeon/Hospital/Patient declines the organ for that patient, the central coordinator of ZTCC Pune contacts the Transplant coordinator / Doctor of the next patient on the list

  • Offering Organs Regional, & National Level

As per organ specific allocation guideline organ allocation done by ZTCC Pune within the zone.  If a matching recipient is not found for a specific organ within a zone, the organ is offered on a State and regional level (ROTTO SOTTO), then nationally, this process continues for each organ until all of the organs have been appropriately matched with recipients. When a recipient match has been found, then the Recipient coordinator arranges the arrival and departure times of the transplant surgery teams. 

 Donor, Recipient & central coordinators coordinate for the organ retrieval and Green Corridor (Green Corridor is a system developed for speedy organ transport) because of this coordination ZTCC Pune doing multi-organ donation frequently and achieved above 98% organ utilization rate.

  • Organ transplantation 

When the surgical team arrives, the donor is taken to the OT. Through a dignified surgical procedure, organs and tissues are recovered. Suitable/allocated recipients are called by their doctor for the final pre-operative preparations while the organ recovery process is occurring at the donor hospital. After the organs’ arrival at the transplant hospital, the recipients are taken to surgery and the transplants are performed.

  1. Funeral and Burial Plans

After the recovery process and PM (PM required in MLC cases) has occurred, the donor hospital hands over the body to the family for the funeral or burial plans. The donor family can proceed with funeral or burial plans, which are not affected by organ donation. Organ and tissue donation is a dignified and respectful process.

Register yourself as an organ donor, so someday you could save lives like a hero. Pledging organ is a simple procedure & please inform your family you have registered as a donor so they can support your wishes. If you have questions check our FAQs.

Vitthal Shinde – Jr. Central Coordinator, ZTCC Pune. 

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